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The Dreamers Hub is an interactive community that’s just for Young Carers. Packed full of resources, forums, games, and instant support and managed by our wonderful team of staff, the Hub will work to improve mental health, increase social opportunities and empower and educate Young Carers for the future.

What we’re aiming to achieve:

  • Create a safe, online space exclusively for Young Carers to access 24/7 support.
  • Increase the numbers of Young Carers in Australia self-identifying and seeking support.
  • Increase the accessibility of study and life support for Young Carers through an abundance of content including resources, fact sheets, blogs, forums and more.
  • Increase the social opportunities and connectedness of Young Carers, reducing feelings of social isolation and loneliness.

About The Role

We’re engaging individuals (like you!) to provide a range of resources for our Young Carers to access via the Hub. As a Content Creator, you’ll be sharing your personal insights, experiences and teachings with our users. There are three different formats of content you can provide, depending on your level of experience and capacity, which you can find out more about below!

All we need from you to become a Creator is:

  • A strong English grammar and writing skills.
  • An eagerness to share your passions, knowledge and experiences with our Young Carers!

Note: If you’re writing fact sheets or conducting video sessions on the Hub, experience on the chosen topic is a must.

The Three Types of Creators:

Blog Creator

As a guest blogger, we want you to get creative and create new and engaging content for our Young Carers. We want Young Carers to have access to personal development resources, thought-provoking articles, educational content and more. Simply write about something you’re passionate about! This is your best option if you’re hoping to commit on a casual basis, or if you’re not too sure exactly what you want to contribute just yet.

Resource Creator

Resources are more fact, less opinion. These resources present more practical information to our Young Carers, who may be seeking help with writing their CV, navigating the NDIS, understanding how to budget, etc. This content must be devised by individuals with experience in their chosen topic.

Video Creator

Our learning forums will be conducted in video format (either live or pre-recorded) and run on a fortnightly basis, focusing on educational and personal development sessions for Young Carers. You must have experience on your chosen topic to run a video forum.

Commitment Level

An awesome aspect of this role is that your level of commitment depends entirely on you! We know that everyone has different schedules and circumstances and you may only intend to submit one or two pieces of content – that’s ok!

You’ll be given a different badge depending on your level of contribution to the Hub:

  • Casual Creator ( has contributed at least once )
  • Committed Creator ( at least once per month )

The role is entirely voluntary — meaning we can’t offer financial reimbursement for content!

Benefits to you

Benefits for Dreamers Hub Creators will vary based on your level of commitment. They include (but are not limited to)…

  • Full crediting of content
  • Promotional opportunities on the Hub
  • Opportunity to build your portfolio
  • Satisfaction of lending your hand to a vulnerable group of young people!
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