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The Dreamers Hub

The Dreamers Hub is an interactive community that’s just for Young Carers. Packed full of resources, forums, games, and instant support and managed by our wonderful team of staff, the Hub will work to improve mental health, increase social opportunities and empower and educate Young Carers for the future.

What we’re aiming to achieve:

  • Create a safe, online space exclusively for Young Carers to access 24/7 support.
  • Increase the numbers of Young Carers in Australia self-identifying and seeking support.
  • Increase the accessibility of study and life support for Young Carers through an abundance of content including resources, fact sheets, blogs, forums and more.
  • Increase the social opportunities and connectedness of Young Carers, reducing feelings of social isolation and loneliness.


Financial Partner

As a financial partner, you’re supporting the longevity and conservation of the Dreamers Hub. This is a project that’s very close to our hearts, and we want to ensure that once it’s live, it has all the tools to succeed, thrive and change the lives of thousands of Young Carers well into the future!

Rewards Partner

Contribute your brand’s products and services to the Dreamers Hub ‘shop’, providing rewards for Young Carers to redeem with points they’ve accrued from the Hub.

Content Partner

Becoming a Content Partner of the Dreamers Hub allows for you to create, post and advertise your services to Young Carers on the platform!

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